VIA| A road raging Muslim learned the hard way this week that you don’t mess with Texas.

It all started on a road in Houston, Texas, when two drivers got caught in a verbal altercation. Suddenly, Ziad Abu Naim, a 42 year-old Muslim, got out of his car “swinging” and violently approached the vehicle of Robert Craig Klimek, 43.


Bystanders feared the worst due to the size and anger of Naim, but then they heard a single pop which abruptly ended the altercation. Realizing his life was in danger, Klimek had pulled out his gun and shot Naim in the face.

According to Mad World News, Naim was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where doctors found that he was partially paralyzed. They told the press that he was only being kept alive by machines, and he eventually died of his injuries.

Meanwhile, Klimek was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but his lawyers are already claiming that it was self defense.


Of course, the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) has gotten involved, saying that they have evidence that this was a hate crime. CAIR claims that they have a witness who heard Klimek shout, “Go back to Islam,” before the physical confrontation.

How convenient for CAIR that they, not the police, were able to find someone who supports their hate crime accusations…

Unfortunately for CAIR, this doesn’t seem to be a hate crime at all. Instead, this seems to be a case of an American exercising their right to bear arms by protecting themselves with their weapon.

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