VIA| At his rallies, Donald Trump has his supporters screaming, yelling, chanting, cheering — and sometimes, even fainting!

Yes, fainting isn’t just for 1960s teenagers experiencing Beatlemania anymore. At a rally Saturday in Florida — one of the two big winner-take-all states up for grabs on March 15 — Trump noticed a woman about to take a dive to the floor during his speech.

Trump was telling the crowd at the CFE Arena in Orlando about one of his former rivals and current allies, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, when the incident occurred.

Trump immediately stopped the speech and addressed what was going on.

“We need a doctor. We need a doctor a woman fainted. A woman fainted. We love people who faint. And I think it’s only a faint. Are you OK, darling? OK. Take your time. Take your time,” Trump said.

He then went and stood by as the woman received first aid. Meanwhile, the crowd kept chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

“She’s been here for seven hours. I love you, darling,” Trump said.

And not only that, he sent the woman who fainted off with flowers.

When the media isn’t busy calling Donald Trump a bigot (a fact belied by a large following among minority voters), they’re busy calling him a bully. And yet, in both his private and public lives, he seems anything but.

Yes, he’s outspoken. No, he’s not politically correct. If that’s your definition of being a good person, I suppose you would bypass Trump.

However, just picture this happening to Hillary. You can just see her anxiously pacing the stage, trying to hide the fact that she’s annoyed at being interrupted.

In fact, don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this video where the same thing happened to Hillary. In addition to all of that, she decided to turn the fainting into a joke about Republicans.

Trump, meanwhile, sends his fan off with flowers.

This is the man we want to call a bully? If we want to employ it with Trump, maybe we ought to re-examine our definition of the word.