VIDEO Shows The TERRIFYING Difference Between BUSH's CHRISTMAS And Obama's … WOW

PAT BATEMAN – Way back when W was in office, President Bush was always making us smile … usually on purpose 😉

Right up to this very day Mr. Bush continues to exude the best qualities of America, for this I will always be thankful.

W’s sense of humor really set him apart from past residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as he was always looking for a chance to crack a joke and a smile. Here we have a video clip of Barney, the former president’s dog getting the White House set up for a party that would star all of D.C.’s “Big Dogs,” including the President himself, and it is nothing short of being hilarious:

It was this kind of stuff I miss about George W. Bush. The man was not only a natural leader, but was also superbly personable, and had an uncanny ability to connect with average Americans. Ask yourself, Why we NEVER see Obama doing stuff like this for Christmas …

Oh, and George Bush was never afraid to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

May God Bless President Bush!