VIDEO: They Were Amazed When This Old Horse Got PREGNANT. But WHAT It GIVES BIRTH TO? … INCREDIBLE

VIA| While the chances of having fraternal twins instead of just one are about 32 in 1,000, for horses this possibility is almost nonexistent. Only 1 in 10,000 horse pregnancies result in twins, but one lucky American Paint Horse recently proved everybody wrong and had two of her own!

16-year-old Tiki gave birth to Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal, a set of twin foals rarely seen by any horse owner across the world. This makes her a little old to be a mom, but that didn’t matter once it came time to give birth to her twins.

Tiki is owned and taken care of by the loving Mason family, who first discovered the twins on an early ultrasound of their prized horse. While complications can often arise with multiples of large creatures such as this, her two foals were born as happy and healthy as can be.

“The 86-pound colt was born first, at about five minutes before midnight,” Laura Mason told the Huntington County Tab. “The filly was born about ten minutes after midnight, weighing in at 59 pounds.”

Both animals were born at the Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia CIty, IN and went on without incident, leading to a happy family – horse’s and humans.

According to, it is “normal” for mares to ignore her babies if they end up being twins – yet TIki’s love for these two never wavered and has proved to be an incredible mom in the days since.