VIDEO: When He LOCKED HIS KEYS IN THE CAR, I Was About To Call Help. Then He Showed Me THIS TRICK …

VIA| Read this simple trick to distress your life, and to make things a lot less complicated for recovering your own vehicle!

Have you ever had that realization moment that you left your keys locked inside your car? Think about all the times that you have a mini-heart attack because you thought you locked yourself out of your own vehicle.

Now, instead of freaking out or spending an absurd amount of money breaking into your car, watch this simple video. The creator of this brilliant video, YouTube user “Petr Kolarik”, shows you how to do this simple trick in only–wait for it–10 seconds. 10 seconds!

Quoted from WonderHowTo, “Simply make a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace and pull the slipknot into the inside of the car through the corner crack between the car door and the car frame.

Pulling the shoelace from side to side, bring the slipknot down until it loops around the lock’s pull knob. Pull tightly, pull upwards, and voila–an unlocked car in less than a minute. Note: This method does not work for all vehicle makes and models.”

So, if you’re ever stuck in a tricky situation that might make you a bit frustrated, watch this super easy tutorial on how to get your keys back in your possession in no time!

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