Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Steve Marcus - RTX1GZ5B

ELDER PATRIOT – Let’s get right to it; If Ben Carson wasn’t black he’d be flipping a coin with George Pataki and Lindsey Graham to see who’d be next to drop out. 

By all accounts Carson is a fine man.  His personal story of accomplishment is representative of conservatives’ visions for black success.  The fact that he’s never held political office is a plus as well.  But that’s not enough to qualify someone for president.

He has zero background in building winning organizations and he has little to no foundation in financial systems or business development.  For the next president these areas of expertise will be critical coming off the ruinous economic policy run of President Obama.

Likewise, Mr. Carson’s I’m-smarter-than-you opinion of himself should make him more of a candidate for the Democrats to consider than a highly ranked Republican contender for the presidency.  His position on mandatory vaccinations is a prime example.

Mr. Carson believes in a federal mandate that will force parents to vaccinate their children despite some studies that link the rise in vaccinations to the rise in autism, specifically the MMR vaccine.  It doesn’t concern Mr. Carson that the studies he relies on to support his position were conducted by those with the most to gain from the outcome of those studies – the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and sell them.

Nor that whistleblowers who were involved in those studies have recently come forward to confess their sins in “baking” the outcomes of these studies.

Nor that early questioners of the studies’ methodologies and outcomes kept turning up dead under curious circumstances.

Nor that common sense dictates injecting toxins into babies with undeveloped immune systems cannot be a good thing.  Most of us won’t even put a pacifier that’s fallen on the floor back in our infants’ mouths.

Here’s a question for Mr. Carson, if vaccines work and your child is vaccinated why should anyone be concerned about my child?

Mr. Carson also knows better than the rest of us about the Second Amendment.  He believes personal gun ownership is fine in the hinterlands but not so much in populated areas.  That a person’s constitutional rights hinges on the population density of the neighborhood they live in is not a very well thought through position for a presidential candidate to advance.

Finally, Mr. Carson has no background in conducting negotiations something our next president will have to be very good at if we intend to mend fences with our allies and regain the trust of the world’s free nations. 

I can’t help but feel that his backers are searching for an Obama antidote.  Someone who can make good on the promise of racial healing that the current president only worsened.  Someone to prove to the world that Republicans truly are color blind. 

Mr. Carson’s appeal appears to be his ability to be the black leader that Republicans feel his community so sorely needs.  A person who can say to them, “I did it and you can too.”  Unfortunately the times require far more than just racial healing. 

There’s an economy to be rebuilt, our national sovereignty to be restored, relationships with foreign governments to be renewed, renegotiated and, in some cases reversed.  Mr. Carson’s resume is sorely deficient in these areas.

Having said all of this, if Donald Trump quits the race and Ted Cruz cannot gain the nomination, Ben Carson would be preferable to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and the rest of the highly manicured, lying establishment Republicans who are good at making campaign promises that they have no intention of fulfilling.