Voters Rejecting Big Government, CFR Candidates

ELDER PATRIOT – The Wall Street Journal has some distressing news for their core readers; the U.S. voter is waking up to the big government – big corporation cabal that has been running this country without relief for way too long and that has result in the destruction of our middle class.

The latest WSJ/NBC News poll shows Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are plummeting.  And, so are Jeb Bush’s.  Both are the candidates of the rich and powerful proven by the mega dollars rolling into their campaign coffers coming from the high-rollers seeking political influence.  It’s likely that many donors will appear on both candidates’ filings with the Federal Election Commission, which makes sense because a win by either will guarantee a continuance of Washington’s status quo.

But, the Ruling Elite may have overplayed their hand as witnessed by the voters’ attitudes regarding Hillary and Jeb:

Between June and July Ms. Clinton’s negative rating climbed 8 points to 48% while those viewing her in a positive light dropped to 37%.

Jeb Bush’s negatives have been climbing as well and now sit at 40%.  He’s even trailing Trump in his home state where voters know him best.

Hillary still enjoys a massive lead over her leading challenger 59-25% but it’s down from 75-15% just last month and may be more a factor of how little is known about her opponent than how Democrats perceive her.  Already, disenchanted Democrat donors are kicking the bushes for a new candidate they believe can win the general election.

Jeb’s problems run a lot deeper than Hillary’s.  The Conservative base of the Republican Party is beginning to see him as another larger government Republicrat in the mold of his father and his brother.  Daddy Bush squandered the Reagan legacy in 4 short years due to his tax and spending policies and wound up losing to political nobody (at that time) Bill Clinton.  Brother George was the most profligate president in history before Barack Obama came along.  How many Republican voters are blaming Daddy Bush and W for the Clinton and Obama presidencies?

Already Jeb has seen his support dropping on every major issue dear to the hearts of Conservatives in the last month.

Additionally, the crowded Republican field will vet Bush’s liberal positions clearly and for all to see.  As Trump is proving, this election will not be won by a politician dancing around nuanced positions but rather by a blunt force problem solver.

Finally, with the TEA Party influencing the core-voting constituency of the Republican Party, Jeb may be the biggest spender never to get the nomination.