VIA| The evidence is overwhelming that the San Bernardino shooting was a terrorist plot, and suspicious information keeps being revealed. We now know the attack was planned since 2012, and that a $28,000 deposit was made into Syed Farook’s bank account two weeks before the attack.

There’s also reason to be suspicious that a third shooter may have been involved. Some news outlets suggest the third shooter never existed — and was merely a figment of the “fog of war” in the early minutes and hours immediately following the attack. However, there remain multiple eyewitness accounts — and persistent questions — about the existence of this potential third shooter.

To quote Pamela Geller:

One eyewitness, Sara Abdelmageed, gave extensive detail to Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News. Here’s the exchange: “I heard shots fired and it was from — you know — an automatic weapon,” Abdelmageed said, “we looked out the window a second set of shots goes off…and we saw a man fall to the floor. Then we just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black, military attire, with vests on.  They were holding assault rifles. As soon as they opened up the doors to building three one of them started to shoot into the room.”

Abdelmageed said that she “couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on — black cargo pants, the kind with the big puffy pockets on the side, long sleeve shirt, gloves, huge assault rifle six magazines I just saw three dressed exactly the same.”

Pelley asked her: “You are certain you saw three men?” Abdelmageed answered: “Yes. It looked like their skin color was white. They look like they were athletic build and they appeared to be tall.”

Another eyewitness, Juan Hernandez, saw the same thing: three men. He said the shooters were “three white men in military fatigues” who “took off” in a “black Impala or SUV.”

CBS Evening News titled one of its early reports: “Officials: 2 of 3 suspects dead in San Bernardino shooting.”

And then suddenly, the third man disappeared. No media reports mention him anymore. No law enforcement officials appear to be searching for him. He is gone without a trace, and no one has even noticed that he is missing, or was ever there in the first place.

What happened to the third man, if these accounts are accurate, is a mystery. So who could it be? And where is he now?

I’m no fan of conspiracy theories, but it wouldn’t be too far a stretch to think Farook could’ve had an accomplice that was a close family member. The motherof Syed Farook is an active member of the Islamic Circle of North America, “a Muslim organization that promotes the establishment of a caliphate and has ties to a radical Pakistani political group called Jamaat-e-Islami.”

The rest of Farook’s family needs to be extensively vetted. Instead, they’re getting legal aid in keeping the child of the killers from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). On the other hand, CAIR has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emeries, so maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and vet them all at once.

Let’s hope that the political correctness that seems to have greased the way for this attack to go off without a hitch — which we’ve reported on here and here — doesn’t do the same for the search for a potential third killer.