Warning: Assassination Is A Political Tool

ELDER PATRIOT – In 1960 John Kennedy chose Lyndon Johnson for his running mate.  They held vastly different views on government but Kennedy needed his strength in the southern states to get elected.  By his second year in office their differences had become so widely known to Kennedy’s advisors that he admitted to them he’d never support a Johnson run for the White House.  Kennedy understood the potential of a capitalist engine to lift the masses whereas Johnson was a big-government politician who never missed a chance to consolidate power for himself.

When President Kennedy’s earnest defense of the American people had become known he was assassinated.  For the Globalists, Johnson was conveniently in line for an easy transition of power and America started celebrating dependency on government and its descent into debt began.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan was forced to endure a brokered convention.  In order for the will of people to be recognized the Republican Party’s establishment class forced George H.W. Bush on Reagan as his running mate.  Reagan was a nativist and populist.  George Bush was a new world order Globalist. 

Reagan was widely popular and the Elites realized that they had a two-term people’s champion to contend with.  Many of the gains they planned in moving towards their vision of a new world order were likely to be turned back.  Only sixty-nine days into his presidency an attack on his life was attempted.

Somehow a person was able to get close enough to President Reagan to shoot him at close range.  Anyone familiar with Secret Service protection knows that this is highly improbable.  The assassination attempt failed but the message was clear, every president who threatens the advance of the Global Elite’s agenda risks his life in the process.

Which brings us to Donald Trump and Chris Christie.  Like Reagan, Trump is a nativist and populist whereas Christie’s ties to Wall Street are well documented. 

Trump is proving widely popular and internal polls shows he is not only winning with Republican voters but that he’s also attracting a large base of support from rank and file Democrats.  His America first policy positions and the popularity that it is engendering is disturbing to the Globalists like Goldman Sachs and the Rothschild’s who would be drooling at the prospect of a Chris Christie presidency.

Donald, protect yourself and select a running mate who is more unpalatable to the world’s ruling elite than you are.