VIA| Forget massive raids, airstrikes, threats from the Mafia, or even shutting down their Twitter accounts. Here’s a new weapon that should TRULY scare ISIS — courtesy of the hacktivist group Anonymous.

WARNING: The following content may be unsettling to some.

Via SF Gate:

Anonymous is wielding a new weapon of mass disruption in its ongoing social media war with the Islamic State — Rick Astley videos.

The “hacktivist” group has been flooding all pro-Isis hashtags with countless videos of the red-headed bass-baritone, according to a recent tweet from the #OpParis account.

Anyone familiar with 1980s music videos knows how unsettling watching Astley sing and dance can be. In fact, as Dazed notes, tricking people to watch his “Never Gonna Give You Up” has been a staple of viruses, protests and other online pranks since 2007.

Anonymous announced last week its intention to use the deadly tactic to fight ISIS online.

Whenever some Islamic State account attempts to spread a message or try to get a topic trending, the subject with be barraged with Rick videos from the late ’80s.  And this morning, the group released the first of many Rickroll hashtags — to be used to barrage ISIS tweets.

ISIS, which relies heavily on social media, is not taking Anonymous’ tactic lightly. It already released instructions aimed at thwarting the hackers after Anonymous posted information on 11,000 jihadist Twitter accounts, prompting them to shut down.

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall to see ISIS’ response to this one? The horror!

We’re certainly in unchartered territory, and conventional rules of the game and weapons are no longer enough. Kudos to Anonymous for their creativity in fighting this beast.