WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Security Camera Catches Footage of Man DROWNING Little Girl

A shocking video has emerged which shows the horrific final moments of a three-year-old girl after she was thrown into a hotel pool by a man, believed to be her stepfather, and drowned.

The well-built man, who has not been named, can be seen repeatedly throwing the little girl into the swimming pool in Morelia, in the south-west Mexican state of Michoacan.

She is seen battling to keep herself afloat in the footage, which was captured on the hotel’s CCTV cameras on August 12 and posted online by Quadratin News.

The man is filmed forcefully tossing her into the water and submerging her several times, while other guests are in the pool.

At one point he throws her in and walks away before returning and tossing her back in when she is fully-clothed.

He later stands at the poolside as her arms flail in the air reaching out for help, before throwing in a lifebuoy but the little girl is too weak to grab it.

Police say the man, his partner and her daughter were staying at the hotel together and the mother was asleep in their room when the incident happened, according to the local paper, Proceso.

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