WATCH: At First Glance This LOOKS LIKE a RUN DOWN COTTAGE … One Step Inside & I Was SPEECHLESS!

VIA| When you think of a home renovation project, images of new appliances and more probably come to mind. But when you see this 200-year-old stone house in Switzerland, you’ll never believe that it was a renovation project.

Until you step inside…

The crumbling stone exterior was left to give it the rustic, classic feel. And Buchner Bründler Architekten essentially built a home inside a home when he created a brand-new interior shell.

From the outside, you’d think the house was about to fall down. The stones look loose and as if they’re decrepit and crumbling.

But when you step inside, you’re welcomed into a freshly renovated space that includes a natural wood fireplace.

You can allow sunlight in by folding back the tall wooden shutters.

The cottage has a lot of open space. And though minimalistic, the design is efficient.

The dining setting is simple yet romantic.

And I’ve never seen a bathroom quite like this. It’s certainly not exactly the most welcoming space.

Being able to see the ancient stone walls from the inside is amazing. They’re so beautiful. I’m grateful they were able to preserve the character of the Swiss cottage.

And the bathroom doorway has a medieval air to it or as if it’s from a castle.

The team designed around the original structure to keep its historical value.

This bathtub certainly looks relaxing.

After knowing what’s inside, the outside doesn’t look so rickety anymore.

Actually, it’s quite a beautiful cottage.

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