VIA| There aren’t many in the liberal folds of the Hollywood elite who would be brave enough to actually say the words, “Merry Christmas” and show support for our troops serving overseas during the holidays.

But one action hero puts both Hollywood and national politics aside during this time of the year, as he took the time several years ago to join a USO tour just to get a taste of what U.S. military troops go through around this time of year.

Whether you know him as officer John McClane from the blockbuster Die Hard movies, or his real name, Bruce Willis – this is one actor who isn’t scared of his own shadow.

Willis recently released a YouTube video that reminded the American people how much our troops need us at this time of year, when its especially difficult to be away from friends and family. (H/T MadWorldNews)

“[N]ow is the time [our troops] need us most. In support of our troops and military families stationed around the world; thank you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice,” Willis said in the video.

Of course his liberal friends and even liberals that don’t know him were appalled at the notion of an A-lister publicly supporting the troops, but it doesn’t seem like Willis cared too much about that – especially when he ended his message with “God bless” and “Merry Christmas.”

He obviously has more backbone than most of his Hollywood counterparts.

Willis and his talented band, The Accelerators, have put on dozens of shows in the past for troops on a 2003 USO tour and are well-liked and respected by the Armed Forces Entertainment group, as well as the troops.

As far as we’re concerned, for his efforts to bring attention to our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends serving overseas, Willis will always be good-to-go in our book.

Merry Christmas to our soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen serving overseas this Christmas. No matter what you read or hear in the media, please know that millions of decent people in America still have your back.

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