VIA| “I remember three and a half years ago when Mr. Obama won the election and, no, I wasn’t a big supporter,” Eastwood said. “I was watching that night when he was having that thing and they were talking about hope and change…’Yes we can’…it was nice, people were lighting candles, I just thought this is great. Everybody’s crying, Oprah was crying…even I was crying.

“I haven’t cried that hard since I found out there were 23 million unemployed people in this country. That is something to cry for…this administration hasn’t done enough to cure that.”

And the Oscar-winning thesp decided to add a bit of entertainment to his speech by conducting a mock interview with an absent Obama, talking to an empty stool.

“So, Mr. President…how do you handle promises that you made when you’re running for election and what do you say to people? I know people were wondering,” Eastwood said.

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