Watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck DESTROY ‘The View’ In Only 43 Seconds, This Is BRUTAL!

VIA| Elisabeth Hasselbeck finally responded to the controversial comments about nurses made on The View recently.

As an outspoken conservative, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the perfect target for criticism during her ten year run as a co-host on The View. Now, it’s finally her turn to give The View a brutal dose of reality following the backlash from nurses after Joy Behar and Michelle Collins insulted the profession of nursing on a recent episode.

Hasselbeck was responding to Behar and Collins’ mocking of Kelley Johnson’s monologue about being a nurse for the talent portion of the Miss America pageant. The monologue – which included Johnson’s life-changing experience with an Alzheimer’s patient- especially connected with Hasselbeck, whose grandfather died of Alzheimer’s.


The former co-host of The View called out the cruelty and ignorance behind Behar and Collins’ jokes about Johnson’s admirable monologue. If there’s anyone who knows how to handle the “ladies” on The View, it’s Hasselbeck… and boy did she let them have it!

Watch the footage right now!

“It was heartless.”WATCH: Elisabeth Hasselbeck responds to “The View” hosts for mocking a nurse during the Miss America pageant.

Posted by Fox News on Friday, September 18, 2015

Thank you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, for taking a stand against the intolerable ignorance and cruelty created by The View. Our nurses deserve the highest level of respect and your ability to give The Viewa brutal slice of humble pie is exactly what this country needs!