WATCH: He Had A TERRIBLE FEELING IN HIS GUT When He Saw This Truck. So He Hit RECORD. What He Captures? MOTHER OF GOD …

VIA| Driving behind a big truck loaded with lots of different supplies can be scary, but what is even more scary is when a truck is filled with giant trees and does  not even have them tied down!

In a video recently posted by Virgil Miller, a truck carrying multiple logs, almost the size of fully grown trees, encounters a frightful fate.

The video was taken from the car behind the truck, and even such a sight can give anybody the butterflies.  The logs are not tied down, but rather placed in a crate-like structure.  Any of the logs could easily roll out at any moment.

In addition, the truck appears to be overloaded, causing it to be top heavy, which is very dangerous when and if the vehicle needs to make a sharp turn.  The truck certainly needed to make a sharp turn, and things went downhill from there.

Upon reaching a curve in the rural road, the truck’s bed is seen to follow the inertia forces rather than follow the path of the truck upon entering a sharp curve.  The result was the entire truck flipping over, spilling all the longs along with it as well.

The whole ordeal was caught on camera, and you can see it for yourself in the video below!  Check it out and make sure next time you are driving alongside a large truck, your wits are about you.