WATCH Him Hold His New Baby Brother Close. But Wait Until You Hear WHAT HE WHISPERS TO HIM. AWW!

VIA| When big brother Waylon welcomed his newborn baby brother into his home, the heartwarming moment melted the hearts of everyone watching.

While sitting in front of the television, Waylon holds his baby brother gently in his arms. Then mom asks a simple question…

With the camera rolling, mom decides to get Wayland to talk about his newborn baby brother.

“Who have you got Waylon?” mom asks the older boy.

But never in a million years did mom expected Waylon’s response to be so cute and touch millions of hearts across the world.

In a sweet, little voice, Wayland responds, “Baby Lawless.”

But the cuteness doesn’t stop there.

Mom asks Wayland if she can have Baby Lawless. The older boy answers with brutal honest that probably made mama tear up with joy.

“No,” he says. The older brother simply doesn’t want to let the little baby go.

Isn’t this the sweetest thing any mother could ever dream of?

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