WATCH: I’ve Seen Hundreds Of ELVIS PERFORMANCES Online, But I've NEVER Seen Him Sing W/ HER. PRAISE JESUS!

VIA| Elvis Presley and Martina McBride are two of the most recognizable musician’s in history, long having been revered by music-lovers everywhere for their incredible talent and contributions to the art and culture of our society. While these two would have made for an incredible duet, it was never meant to be: from two different generations, McBride was just a child when Elvis passed away.

Thanks to the power of 21st century digital technology, someone managed to combine these two generational voices in a beautiful performance for the ages. With Christmas fast approaching, it doesn’t get any better than this “impossible” version of “Blue Christmas” from these two amazing performers!

Blue Christmas has been a long-standing staple in the Christmas music genre, but no version is more popular the Elvis’. Like many other songs, Elvis managed to take a classic to the next level with his crooning voice and his irresistible personality – everyone loved Elvis.

You may have even seen this performance of Blue Christmas too, with Elvis in his prime just singing his heart out while strumming on the acoustic guitar. Either way, there is no way you’ll see the big surprise coming when McBride walks onto the stage and begins to sing as well.

These two voices together form a beautiful harmony, bringing in the holiday season the right way and putting a smile on 7 million faces watching on YouTube! McBride even glances over at Elvis, seemingly overtaken with awe at the great rock star – it’s easy to forget this is all digitally-enhanced.

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