VIA| This is a really clever invention. Using a block of wood, this guy carved out a section that an assault rifle magazine will fit into. The section connects to a long track with notched indicators showing where 10, 20, and 30 are when bullets are lined up in it and the track ends with a little pooling area for your ammo.

With very little effort the guy is able to line up 30 rounds and completely fill his magazine in under 25 seconds. It’s pretty sweet and I would imagine something like this wouldn’t be that expensive. Definite time saver before going to the range to fire off some rounds. Sure beats loading them one by one.

Of course I’m sure there are some fools who see something like this and think it’s a bad thing and will make it easier for lunatics who go on shooting rampages to reload while on a rampage, but that’s just silly. This device has no practical use out in the field. What’s a crazy person on a shooting spree going to do?

Find a quiet corner, take out his wooden board, dump loose rounds that he keeps in a Ziploc bag into the spot, and reload some magazines? That’s preposterous. This invention just removes to aggravation of having to load rounds one at a time. It looks kinda fun to use too. Check out the video of the invention in action. It just goes to show you, what the mind is capable of, that, coupled with good old fashioned American know-how.