WATCH: This Man Is About to RAPE A DAUGHTER He Met On Facebook

VIA| This Man Will Educate You On How Easy It Is to Abduct Teenage Girls On Facebook

Coby Persin creates a video expose how vulnerable teenage girls are social media. This is a social experiment on rape potential through social media. With parent permission, he created a fake Facebook accounts and chatted with the girls.

 He then sets up a way for them to meet.

All the girls responded. They all agreed to meet up with him after only a couple of days of talking, according to

The teen’s parents were totally shocked.

If you are a mom or dad – or hell – uncle, aunt, cousin or brother or sister… please…. please … show them this video to educated them on the danger of social media. Those people you connect with might not be real.

Rape is real. It’s an absolutely terrible part of society.

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