VIA| Every year more than 906,000 children become the victims of abuse and neglect. As a result of that treatment about 1,500 of these children die. And not surprisingly, one third of abused and neglected children will go on to abuse their own kids.

In order to help abused kid and teens feel safe a renegade group of bikers known collectively as Bikers Against Child Abuse or BACA are on a mission to help.

While their methods are not traditional, an abuser will think twice about hitting a kid when a gang of bikers shows up ready to fight.

In an effort to spread awareness about this extraordinary group, a documentary series calledTough Love – Bikers Against Child Abuse follows the amazing Austin, Texas chapter of the charitable gang.

You’ll see how these tough-faced individuals support, protect, and nurture the abused children who need their help.

In the documentary, you’ll meet an abused teen who goes by the nickname, “Daredevil.” One day she was attacked by two men at a motel and her family assumed she had gone missing.

Her BACA chapter gathered and tracked Daredevil down, and miraculously saved her life. The group then “adopted” her as one of their own and vowed to always be ready to protect her.

A teen girl who once was living a life of drugs and abuse now can share these inspiring words: “I feel like a lot of people are there for me and I am loved. I have more than one family, and that’s BACA.”

Many people look at bikers and judge them because of their appearance. BACA actively fights that stereotype and provides a service the world really needs.

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