We SPOTTED SOMETHING VERY CREEPY Behind Obama During His Speech … Can You SEE IT?

VIA| Last night, President Barack Obama gave perhaps the most embarrassing speech of his Presidency (video) below. After the shootings by Islamic terrorists in California, it took him almost a week to label the situation “terrorism”… Then, he proceeded to claim the Islamic State (ISIS) isn’t really Islamic.

But what you may not have noticed is, throughout his entire speech, a faint image of a SKULL is seen over Obama’s right shoulder. Can you see it? This is sinister… or is it??

It’s clearly visible if you look hard enough for it. Here is an enhanced version of the video, which shows the striking image in the window. WHOA!:


Some of us might think it’s simply a coincidence, and has to do with the shadow of the trees. Others might think it’s a sign of things to come, or perhaps an actual demon caught on video. But the skull image was visible throughout the entire speech… And once you see it, you can’t look away.