VIA| Legendary musician Ted Nugent had a wonderful 2015 chockablock with good hunting, great loving and amazing rock ‘n’ roll, but not even these joyful experiences were enough to distract him from the “abject rot that runs amok in our government, media and academia” — or from the fact that unless we fight back, we could soon lose our country.

“(W)ith the sheer number of horrors too long to list, perpetrated by an out of control government in 2015 still stinging deeply, I pray daily to God Almighty that more and more Americans wake up to our we the people duties to raise hell and demand accountability from our elected employees,” he wrote in a heartfelt column published on New Year’s Eve (emphasis in the original).

This need he mentioned to “raise hell or die” grows more urgent everyday, as President Barack Obama and his army of corrupt “leaders” — from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to race-baiter Al Sharpton — “continue to get away with their constant lies, blatant infringements and America-hating outrage.”

Nor does it help that one of our own just sold us down the river.

“That Paul Ryan, a Republican for God’s sake, can stand with the rest of the soulless politicians supporting the continuing economic destruction of America with a spending agenda rife with fraud, deceit, dishonesty and defiance of any meaningful accountability is tragic and heartbreaking,” Nugent explained.

Meanwhile, two of the most despicable politicians in American history — liar Hillary Clinton and socialist Bernie Sanders — continue to garner support for their “vile” anti-American agendas.

“If you truly wish for a Happy New Year, we damn well better be ready, willing and able to make it happen,” Nugent wrote.

And the best way to make that happen, Nugent argued, would be to vote either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz into office. If we allow the Democrats to continue destroying out nation, there won’t be much left of it for our children and grandchildren.

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