ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – As you may have heard, Walmart is closing 154 of their stores in America.  What you may not have heard, or thought about, is what exactly has happened to the communities where Walmart has closed their stores. 

Walmart entered communities across the country as a ravenous vacuum cleaner, destroying many mom & pop businesses that previously existed in communities for decades.  The Walmart Big Box Store is like an Alien Invasion Craft that lands in your town:  It sells hardware.  It sells groceries.  It sells beer, wine, and liquor.  It sells Rx drugs.  It sells floral arrangements.  It sells dentistry and banking services.  It sells clothes and housewares.  It sells electronics and video games.  It will often even sport its own McDonalds or other fast food franchise.

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Those Walmart stores rely on slave labor products made in China to undersell and put out of business all the individual stores one normally sees in a community:  The supermarket, the pharmacy, the florist, the local department store, the local TV shop, the GameStop, the liquor store, and almost everything else.

Now, after having put all the competition out of business, Walmart has decided that 154 communities no longer have the purchasing power to make its stores viable.  Well, Duh!  Obama is shuttering the energy and manufacturing sectors, while Walmart demolished the competing retail sector.  What was left?  Communities are left hollowed out, with not enough people left with full time jobs to actually have the disposable income to go shop at the Walmart Big Box store.

Welcome to the Rape Economy.  Having sucked these communities dry, the Big Box stores are closing up and leaving, like the afore mentioned giant Alien Invasion Craft.  The local indigenous people, and their economy, have been raped and destroyed.  Mission Accomplished.  Thanks, Obama.  Thanks, China.  Thanks, Walmart.


In the vacuum left behind, many communities are finding themselves with no supermarket, no pharmacy, etc.  In the wake of the Walmart departures, community residents are left with a drive of up to 50 minutes to get life’s necessities.  Now, I don’t want to oversell this.  Presumably, entrepreneurs will move into the vacuum left behind by the retreating Walmart mother ships.  New pharmacies and markets will slowly rise from the ashes.  It will take time, but like most rape victims, these communities will recover, albeit many will never be quite the same again.

A second view of the Rape Economy is the slow motion bursting of the Education Bubble.  The University Cartels, filled with Marxists, Leftists, Communists, and Progressives (but then, a Rose by any other name is still a Rose, isn’t it?) conspired with their fellow travelers in the Federal Government to have the Federal Government underwrite and subsidize the cost of a college degree in the form of Guaranteed School Loans, a business that Obama nationalized 100%.  The easy availability of such loans in turn allowed the Universities to raise the cost of tuition far in excess of the increases to the cost of living in the rest of the economy.  The bottom line is that a college education now costs 6-10 times what it cost even a generation ago.  Young people are being forced into a form of Indentured Servitude, where they will live under crushing debt for decades even under the best of circumstances.


But like The Devil, who always manages to turn your wishes into bitter failure when you make a deal with him (because it’s just such better style, from the Devil’s point of view, to get your soul and give you nothing in return), so too are the universities failing to even give their graduates anything of value in return for all that debt.  Universities have quickly degenerated in the last few years to insane asylums of political correctness, where Maoist style youth cadres of “Social Justice Warriors” destroy an institution’s ability to render meaningful academic discourse, in exchange for “safe spaces”.  Studies of valuable subjects are instead converted or politicized into Marxist propaganda.  Even mathematics has not escaped the ideological scourging. 

So, it was only a matter of time before employers woke up to what a bill of damaged goods the universities were selling to them in terms of their graduates.  This week international publishing house Penguin Random House announced it has dropped university degrees as a requirement for job applicants.  This is in the wake of similar announcements made by accounting firm giants Ernst and Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  The reason?  These employers cite that graduates and university students have “no real skills”, are being taught the “wrong things”, and are too needy and demanding as employees.

Conservatives of my generation saw this one coming decades ago.

How bad is it?  Issues cited included, and I quote:  “General issues are not understanding that a job is about turning up on time every day, not just when you feel like, that it’s about taking direction, and basic things like you’ve got to be well presented and you’ve got to be pleasant.”  So says the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive officer Kate Carnell, referring to feedback from employers in commerce and industry. 

I know this is an Australian source, but it spot on nails the same inadequacies of American graduates—you know, the 50% who are still living at home with their parents, jobless.  Part of the problem is the shrinking universe of jobs under Obamanomics, and part of it is that universities today are teaching their students to be paranoid, ill tempered, cult followers who can’t even figure out what pronoun should apply to them, and grew up getting participation trophies just for showing up.

So, to all those Millenials who are sitting in their parents’ basement, with no job, no career, mountains of debt, and no prospects to buy a home, get married, or start a family, welcome to the Rape Economy.  In the words of Donald Trump:  You got shlonged.

Which brings me to my 3rd and final example of the Rape Economy.  CNBC is reporting this week that a full 68% of American’s have destroyed their credit rating BEFORE turning 30 years of age.  Fifty percent reported having received a credit card account by age 21.  I recall seeing this scam, even when I was in college back in the 1980’s.  It was to my great surprise when I received in the mail a pre-approved credit card by Chase Manhattan bank when I was a senior in college with no regular job.  I’m surprised this is still going on, what with that trillion dollar bank bailout we all had to pay for in 2008.  The banks, wrongly, assume that students soon to receive degrees are about to step into good paying jobs soon, and want to capture their share of the new credit market by getting young people hooked in with a credit account early.   Or maybe their actuaries have figured out that most of their marks will have Mommy and Daddy pay their bill.

To my credit, I cut the card up and threw it away, knowing I couldn’t afford to use it.  Unfortunately, far too many young people aren’t that wise.  They look on it as free money, and quickly bury themselves in consumer credit debt that they have no way to repay.  To all those gullible fish who bit on those shiny credit card lures, guess what?  Welcome to the Rape Economy.  You’ve been had.