VIA| Now that our Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made it clear just what her greatest fear is, perhaps I should be more careful about what I say. Not.

I find it utterly despicable that Ms. Lynch believes an escalation of anti-Muslim speech is her greatest fear, not even one week after fourteen Americans were savagely murdered by Islamic terrorists. We must not self-censor nor be silenced for fear of some legalized reprisal of faux civil rights as proselytized by Ms. Lynch and President Obama. What I find unconscionable is how we are being told we need to be disarmed and this is all our fault. The facade of the “religion of peace” is continued while history teaches us the peaceful first Mecca phase of Islam really only lasted for about 10 years.

So this 2014 interview with Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Ahmed al Hassani al Baghdadi, just kinda lays it all out.

By the way, isn’t it striking how much of what he says sounds like it was taken right out of the liberal playbook? “Islam is with the poor and hungry, with workers and peasants and is against privatization, against investments, against capitalism and the bourgeoisie.” Now, where have you heard that before? Or how about the fact you must do what they say or pay the tax? Gosh, that sounds like Obamacare to me.

Remember the beginning of this year when Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi scolded Islamic clerics for their hateful rhetoric and pronouncements that inspire jihadism? Sadly, he is not supported by the Obama administration.

So, I have to ask this question, Ms. Lynch, will you see the words of this cleric, this self-proclaimed scholar, as your greatest fear? Or are you nodding your head?

This is an ideological confrontation, a centuries-old one indeed. And what we have masquerading as “leadership” in America continues this completely delusional stance of not acknowledging this enemy.

Well, all I can say to this cheeky fella in simple Southern vernacular is, “Conquer America? That dog don’t hunt.”