“Well, we busted out of class Had to get away from those fools We learned more from a 3-minute record, baby Than we ever learned in school” Bruce Springsteen

ELDER PATRIOT – The blow-up around Trump University is illustrative of how politicians and the government work.  It’s their game and you’re not invited to participate.  The education gambit orchestrated by our holier-than-thou politicians has resulted in U.S. students being ranked 36th among the nations of the world despite total spending exceeding $1 trillion annually and being outspent per pupil by only three countries.  Politicians are never held accountable.  Horn in on their game and be prepared to endure a shit-storm of criticism.

I attended Trump University along with my son.  After sitting through the free session we enrolled in two classes, real estate and stock market investing.  I found these courses no more or no less informative than my experiences in college and while getting my M.B.A. from a major east coast university.

After the daily sessions were concluded my son and I would have dinner and discuss the other students and their prospects for success.  Because Trump University didn’t have an application process to filter out those they thought would be low achievers as colleges do, we agreed that many would be disappointed when they tried to apply the principles that were taught in a real world setting.

Unlike colleges, Trump University accepted everyone so it only figures that those attending college would have a higher success rate after they graduated.  As it turns out they don’t. College graduates are finding themselves unable to find work or are seriously under-employed while working in service industries taking the jobs previously held by high school graduates.

Still, the tools were provided by Trump University courses to be successful if they were applied correctly.  Comparing the cost of a college education with the cost of attending Trump University and weighing the fact that colleges get to qualify those that are accepted, Trump University may be no better or worse in helping students succeed in business than traditional colleges have been.

The dust-up surrounding Trump University is purely political and should be viewed as such.  Attendees to T.U. averaged $4,000 in tuition payments.  The federal government alone spends $3,762 annually on average for each of our nation’s 20.2 million students.  This only accounts for a portion of the average $9,500 that students spend on one semester’s tuition alone to attend college.

Were the two weeks that I spent at Trump University worthwhile?  Considering the cost and the six years it took to get my college degree and an M.B.A., I might conclude that they were equally beneficial while also equally wasting my time and money.


More importantly, while Trump University may have 5,000 disappointed graduates (estimating 50%) nothing is being said by the same politicians who are now skewering Trump, about the millions of college graduates who are equally disappointed after having spent many times what Trump graduates spent and who now find themselves deeply in debt and holding jobs they were qualified for without wasting four or more years of their lives chasing a degree.