What A Fisherman In Australia Just Reeled In Made Me TERRIFIED Of The Ocean

VIA| An Australian fisherman named Matthew was fishing at Tweed Heads last month when he hooked a hammerhead…but ended up with a HUGE tiger shark on his line instead. The hammerhead itself was a six-foot shark — the giant that ate him? He was approximately 13 feet long.

According to Wikipedia, tiger sharks can grow to be about 10-13 feet long…but most often, anglers see sharks closer to the 10-foot end of the spectrum.

In comparison, great white sharks can grow to be 16 feet long (if they are female). Males max out around 13 feet, just like the tiger shark.

Even though a 13-foot tiger shark isn’t outlandish, these photos posted to Facebook seemabsolutely insane.

“Jaws ain’t got nothin’ on me.” -A tiger shark

Remember — this shark had to eat another shark to be hooked on this line.

Why isn’t it a surprise that this gigantic shark was caught off the coast of New South Wales, Australia?

Judging by the different reported sightings of other large specimens in the area, this photo is not a hoax. In fact, many athletes and families in New South Wales are hoping to cull the tiger shark population to reduce the amount of shark attacks.

If you thought that shark was big, just wait until you see what bumped into this fisherman…