What Blake Shelton Just Revealed About Joey And Rory Feek SHATTERED My Heart, This Is Why We Pray

VIA|  Blake Shelton has a special connection with country music duo, Joey and Rory Feek. Blake’s number one hit “Some Beach” was written by Rory, in addition to several other songs.

Joey and Rory have been very public about Joey’s battle with Stage 4 cancer. After doctors told her there was nothing more they could do, Joey decided to end her treatments and enter hospice care.

So when Blake was asked to share some words of encouragement for Joey and Rory, his response broke my heart.

“The courage that they as a family have displayed — it’s inspirational. It’s sad, but it’s special at the same time,” Blake said.


Watch the touching interview right now:

It’s great to see a country superstar like Blake Shelton acknowledge the courage and inspiration of the Feek’s faith in the Lord in such a dark time. Please keep the Feeks in your prayers!