What Distinguishes Marco Rubio And Hillary Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT – Quick, what’s the difference between Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton when it comes to open borders immigration, amnesty, international trade agreements giving decision-making control to foreign entities, spending, and corporate cronyism? 

That’s right, nothing.  Rubio may warrant a grade of 79% from the Conservative Review for his voting record but he clearly misses the mark on the most important issues facing America’s working middle class today.

Unless being against abortion (it’s settled law and the next president will have little to no impact on changing that) and waging war without objectives (where the only objective appears to be the enrichment of the military industrial complex) is enough to qualify someone as a conservative Marco Rubio is virtually indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton.  Wait, he shares his approval of our Middle East policies with Mrs. Clinton, as well.

Rubio’s voting record isn’t the only thing he has in common with Hillary Clinton.  Like Mrs. Clinton, his appearances are before carefully screened audiences and questions are only permitted from people known to the candidate’s handlers.

This was evidenced when Rubio waited to begin a press conference while

President of the National ICE Council and former Marine Chris Crane was removed from the audience to prevent him from asking any questions that might embarrass Boy Marco.

Afterwards Crane noted, Never have I seen such contempt for law enforcement as I’ve seen from the Gang of Eight.”

If this sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton’s contempt for the military and those who currently serve and have served in it, that’s because it is exactly the same attitude.

There is simply no single major issue that the next president will be able to impact that the policies of Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton do not address in exactly the same manner.

Aside from the packaging and the fact that one candidate is an old woman and the other is a young man they might as well be the same candidate.

Ask yourself, what would a debate between these two look like?  They’d have to search for obscure and relatively insignificant issues on which to distinguish them selves.  Perhaps the most important election of our time may well be decided on a debate over who pays for the contraceptives of another.

Marco Rubio, like Hillary Clinton is the darling of the Globalist Elite.  To think otherwise is to ignore the obvious.