What Divers Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean Could REWRITE WORLD HISTORY

VIA| We’ve all heard the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. Until this week, it’s been just that: a legend. However, this might change sooner than you think.
Recently, a team of marine archaeologists off the coast of Sicily discovered 39 ingots of “orichalcum,” an alloy that was said to be created exclusively in Atlantis.

This is what the ingots look like. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote that orichalcum was exclusively created in Atlantis. According to the researchers, the ingots are made of copper, zinc, lead, iron, and nickel.


The ingots were found in the remains of an ancient Greek shipwreck from 2,600 years ago. The ship was likely sunk during a storm on its way to market.


Orichalcum was purportedly invented by Cadmus (pictured below), and was highly sought after. Its value was second only to gold in the ancient world, according to Plato. This is the first time that any alleged orichalcum was ever found by researchers.


So could this mean that scientists are getting closer to finally solving the mystery of Atlantis? If so, this could be big.

If these ingots are truly orichalcum from Atlantis, then I’m curious to see what else these researchers find in the area. Could the actual site of the lost city be next? I hope so.