ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Recently Hillary used a private jet just to travel a mere 20 miles.  In the 1990’s as First Lady in the White House, she infamously ordered White House staff to clear corridors she walked down and to avert their eyes when she passed by.  As First Lady, Hillary also demanded that military personnel shed their uniforms for civilian clothes.  This applied to all active military personnel except for the Marine Honor Guard, which are publically very visible and would have triggered a public outcry that the popularity obsessed Bill Clinton didn’t want to deal with.

The reports from current disaffected campaign staff and Secret Service Agents indicate that Hillary has not mellowed with age, and is every bit as tyrannical today as she was 25 years ago, if not even worse.  Reports on her temperament uniformly describe a person with a volcanic rage that is constantly on a hair trigger.  So what would America’s mad queen demand if she is elected to the highest office in the land?


“Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”—William Anderson Scott

The growing hubris of the political elites is emblematic of an already de facto creation of a new royalty class.  Membership in the class is defined as having a waiver from Obamacare, access to the public trough, being above the law and prosecution for crimes the rest of us have to live in fear of, and a perch in the Federal Government.  How long before that hubris demands that the elites seek to codify their royalty status in the law?  Perhaps Hillary will start to wear a crown?

Don’t mind that pesky U.S. Constitution that specifically abolished noble titles and noble inheritance.  I’m sure that John Roberts can be convinced to call the reinstatement of noble titles a “tax”.

hill 20

Every self-respecting Monarch puts themselves on the currency.  This would elevate Hillary in status to be the equal of Queen Elizabeth and Julius Caesar.  If she issued an Executive Order to the Federal Reserve to this effect, who would stop her?  Not Paul Ryano and the rest of the Ruling Party Republicans.


Similar to currency bills, Monarchs like to put themselves on postage stamps.  In fact, Adolph Hitler became a millionaire by requiring his likeness on all postage stamps, and then charging the German Post Office a royalty fee for using his image.  Now, if that doesn’t say:  “Clinton Money Making Scheme”, I don’t know what does!

Darth Hillary

Perhaps Hillary will simply declare herself Lord of the Sith.  Her management style might as well have been written by Sith Lord Darth Vader.  Volcanic temper?  Check.  Kill subordinates that cross or vex her?  Check, there are a trail of bodies following Hillary’s wake from Little Rock to Benghazi.  All that is left for Hillary is to ask:  “What is thy bidding, my master George Soros?”  At the very least, I expect Darth Hillary to order the Senate to be dissolved.