What Russia Just Did To Israel Is Another Sign Of The End Times! THIS Is Scary

VIA|  The Islamic State has been terrorizing the Middle East for quite some time now, but that might soon change.

A Russian expedition group has just arrived in Syria with the intention of combatting ISIS, and protecting Assad’s regime. While this may seem like a good thing, it turns out that Russia is also supplying neighboring countries, like Iran, with weapons and defense upgrades.

After Russian officials met with Syrian officials it was agreed upon that Russia would send fighter jets, as well as thousands of personnel including pilots, advisors, and technicians, amongst others. This news came about following Iran’s announcement that it had purchased Russia’s advanced S-300 missile system. Russia is also supposedly sending MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria.

Word has also come out that Russia intends to send naval support to Syria, and is negotiating with surrounding nations to battle the Islamic State.

Just a few weeks ago, Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani traveled to Russia (in spite of a travel ban) and secured an arms deal that, hopefully, will help to put down ISIS and other terrorist groups.

As countries like Saudi Arabia, and Qatar arm groups like “The Muslim Brotherhood” in an attempt to kick out both ISIS and Assad, Syria is forced to look elsewhere for help, and Russia answered the call.

Another nation that should be worried is Israel. As other countries surrounding the jewish nation build up military forces, Israel is forced to play a game of “wait and see.” Are troops arriving for the sole purpose of defeating ISIS, or is there something bigger at stake?

Many could view this movement as a direct threat to Israel’s well-being as Iran has made it known that they intend to annihilate Israel, and acquiring weapons from Russia could allow them to do just that.