ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Talk about a lack of perspective.  The power of the DemocRat Media Propaganda Machine to change the red lines of civility on a dime never cease to amaze me.  Sarah Palin talks about targeting political opponents, and she’s guilty of fomenting gun violence and causing some nut to shoot a congresswoman.  Barack Obama talks about bringing a gun to a knife fight, and it’s just politics, with nothing to do with gun violence at all.  How could you possibly think otherwise?  Kook!

Bill Clinton gets oral sex in the Oval Office, and the spin meisters chide us for being prudes if it upset us and caused us to call into question his fitness to be President.  Back in the 1990’s, it was “just about sex”.  And sex, we were told, had nothing to do with Bill Clinton’s ability to be an effective president.  If you thought differently, you were a Puritan Pilgrim who just stepped off the Mayflower, and obviously had an unhealthy hang up about sex.

Then there were the apologists who explained that Bill Clinton was an “Alpha Male”, and alpha males had to be given some leeway when it came to sex and how they treated women, because it was just the way Nature is.  Those apologists were none other than Gloria Steinem and the other nags at N.O.W.

Hillary Clinton has leaked audio of a private conversation where Donald Trump talks like most men talk in the locker room.  The Left and the pansy wing of the Republican Party have gone into high dungeon over it.  Paul Ryan has announced he’ll no longer campaign for Trump.  One hundred fifty Republican office holders across the country have renounced Trump over the matter.  Trump’s own running mate, Mike Pence, has cancelled his last two campaign appearances over the matter.  Will Donald Trump be the first candidate ever to have his running mate abandon him less than a month before the election?


Bill Clinton RAPED multiple women.  Bill Clinton had sex with under-aged girls on Jeff Epstein’s Pedophile Island playground, and on Epstein’s plane known as the Lolita Express.  Bill Clinton has sex parties at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock with the female interns that work there.  And through it all, Hillary Clinton was his Chief Enabler.  She bullied the rape victims into silence.  She was in charge of tamping down “Bimbo Eruptions”.  Hillary Clinton dismissed it all as a “vast right wing conspiracy” and “trailer trash chasing twenty dollar bills”.  Hillary Clinton got a rapist off on a technicality as a lawyer, and then laughed about it.  She did not “fight for women’s rights”.  She did not give the rape victims a presumption of telling the truth.

So, which is worse?  Which makes the candidate more unfit for office?  Idle boasts in private, or actions and deeds that caused real pain and suffering in the lives of real women?


Donald Trump was brilliant to lure the Clinton Pressitutes into putting a spotlight on Bill Clinton’s rape victims, by promising them a peek into his debate prep, and then showing up with a whole panel of women who were abused by Bill and Hillary.  That got into Hillary’s head, and it paid dividends during Sunday’s debate.  After a slow start, Trump eventually ended up wiping the floor with her, and the other two debaters in the town hall, CNN Clinton campaigners Cooper and Raddatz, who pretended (badly) to be impartial moderators.  Trump still won.

If Trump gets elected, he promised during the debate to appoint a special prosecutor to bring Hillary to justice for her crimes.  He promised to name Supreme Court Justices in the mold of Anton Scalia.  If Hillary gets elected, she promises to pack the Supreme Court with Justices that will expand abortion rights, and support gun control.

How can anyone in their right mind not vote for Trump if they care about saving the Constitution and the country?  Because of something Donald Trump said in private 11 years ago?  Snap out of it!  It’s just about sex.