“Whatsoever A Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap” – Galations VI

ELDER PATRIOT – Democrats, hindered by their denial of biblical truths, prefer the term, “Karma is a bitch.”  However they choose to refer to this phenomena, it’s now coming home to roost big-time as the products of their scholastic and university indoctrination programs are embracing Socialist Bernie Sanders by an almost four to one margin. 

This has left the presumed nominee and Globalist favorite Hillary Clinton scrambling to eke out a victory in Iowa (amidst rampant voter fraud) and trailing badly in New Hampshire (-16.7).

If this didn’t threaten us directly it would be such sweet Schadenfreud.  The Democrat Establishment has been working to control America’s education process for well over a half-century.  In 1979 they finally used their control of congress to present President Carter with a bill establishing the Department of Education.  Their desire to use the education system to indoctrinate our youth had been established. 


After almost four decades we are now seeing the result of their work.  From diminishing our Founding Fathers and praising the likes of Che Guevara in history classes, to extolling Marxist dogma and the evils of Capitalism in economics classes, America is graduating young socialists ill prepared for life in a competitive world and dangerously ignorant with their right to vote.  And, this has the Democrats being foisted on their own petard.

This has set Democrat Leadership in full panic mode and many are seeking to blame Hillary Clinton for the disaster their decades old policies have spawned.  Mrs. Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate but her dwindling support is more because the ideal of socialism is running through the body politic of the Democrat party like a virus and Bernie Sanders is feeding its hunger.  Even Mrs. Clinton was at a loss to explain the difference between the Democratic Party platform and socialism, when that question was put to her by Chris Matthews, during a recent interview.

As Reverend Jeremiah Wright boasted at the beginning of Obama’s run to destroy free-market Capitalism, so the Democrat establishment is learning now, “the chickens are coming home to roost.”