PAT BATEMAN – After Texas was blasted by an unrelenting series of tornadoes, soulless thug looters crawled out from under the rocks to try and take advantage of the chaos during the horrendous aftermath. Bad news for them, Texans don’t f*** around when it comes to taking advantage of victims and to make matters worse for the sub-humans Texans take full advantage of the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution.

When Mother Nature releases her fury in the form of tornados there is almost always unfathomable amounts of damage and debris. The storms that hit Dallas, TX, the weekend after Christmas were no exception.

Deadly storms touched down Saturday  with wind speeds exceeding 180 mph ripping through North Texas, creating many tornadoes which killed 11 people.

By the time Sunday rolled around there had already been 9 confirmed tornados according to the National Weather Service.

People survey tornado damaged homes Sunday, December 27, 2015 in Rowlett, Texas. Violent storms ripped through the North Texas area late Saturday, spawning tornados that killed 11 people. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)

While the victims started picking up the pieces, grieving the dead, and trying to make sense of the anarchy, the unimaginable occurred.

These devastated cities were invaded by Godless looters seeking to profit and take advantage off the chaos caused by the death and destruction.


In response to the punk ass thug looters, the city released this epic message:

Please drive slow and watch your surroundings as you go through Garland around Bass Pro to Bobtown Rd on 30. The…

Posted by Rockwall County WX – Weather on Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Post Read: “Please drive slow and watch your surroundings as you go through Garland around Bass Pro to Bobtown Rd on 30. The feeder/access roads are closed to traffic. This area is considered a Disaster Area with extensive damage. NO LOOTING WILL BE TOLERATED. YOU WILL BE SHOT OR TAKEN TO JAIL.”

It is hard not to stand up and cheer for the city’s brave response.  Anyone who would seek to further hurt these devastated souls deserves nothing less than a bullet to the head.

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