WHERE THE F*CK IS OBAMA??? Hillary Silent!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – As morning turns to evening and the tensions continue to escalate between Russia and Turkey and the U.S., President Obama and Hillary Clinton are hiding from what they’ve set in motion by their Middle East policy.  Except for an incoherent statement blaming Russia for the shoot down, Obama has remained silent.  Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an enemy sympathizer than to open it and remove all doubt.  The video (below) will show why.

Obama and Clinton were so intent on using ISIS to dispose of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad that they had no plan in place beyond that.  There was no consideration of the other countries that might become involved and the geo-political ramifications that might be a result, nor what our long-term planning might entail.  The following video of Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Four-Star General Joseph Dunford being questioned by Senator Lindsay Graham shows just how vapid the administration’s planning was:

These two guys look like schoolboys who had no clue there was going to be an oral exam that day and who hadn’t been to school all year.  It would be embarrassing if it weren’t so dangerous.

As Graham concluded would happen in the video, this morning a Russian helicopter, attempting to locate and rescue the pilots of the Russian plane downed earlier this morning, was itself destroyed by Syrian rebels who were armed and funded by the U.S. under the direction of Obama and his would be successor, then Secretary of State Hillary (what difference does it make now?) Clinton.

This is not the leadership we have come to expect from United States presidents.  Unfortunately, it is what we have come to expect from Obama and Hillary both of who have proven to be better leaders for Muslim extremists than for the American people who they took an oath to protect and defend.

It now appears Israeli fighters are flying in concert with the Russians something that would not have been believable only a few short years ago.  Israel can no longer depend on the U.S., but ISIS can, at least until the day we turn our backs on them. 

Here’s a question for any sycophants who continue to defend these two un-American traitors:  What more could Obama and Hillary have done to advance militant Islam and create absolute turmoil in the Middle East?

Worldwide, terrorism has increased 427% annually since Bush left and Obama brought his ideas of making nice with these virulent scumbags to the White House.

Obama and his administration’s lackeys must be removed from power immediately and Hillary dismissed as the unaccomplished fake that she is.  The damage Obama is causing our long-time allies may be irreparable in another 14 months.