Where The F*ck is the Mainstream Media???

ELDER PATRIOT – Word comes to us that Gehad el-Haddad was just sentenced to life imprisonment for his seditious activities in Egypt.  This radical Islamist worked for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the five years prior to jumping to the Muslim Brotherhood.

El-Haddad left his job with the Clinton’s to join Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood adding one more name to the ever-increasing number of damning ties Madame Hillary has to totalitarian Muslims. 

There’s more than enough smoke to warrant an investigation of Mrs. Clinton for seditious activities against the United States, especially in light of her blatant violation of the Espionage Act for exposing state secrets to grossly insecure handling. 

We already know she lied about her activities the night of the Benghazi Massacre when she said she was asleep.  We finally learned she was exchanging emails about troop movements and ordering response units in the region to stand down.  Those in service to America deserve a complete investigation, not a whitewashing of the facts.

Where the f*ck are the Republicans on finally bringing Hillary to trial for sedition and possibly treason.   The inaction of the governing establishment-Republicans have removed all doubt that they have formed a governing alliance with the Democrats putting the interests of the rest of the world Marxist movement ahead of the citizens of the United States.

Where the f*ck are the feminists on this?  The Clinton Foundation has accepted millions of dollars from these Islamic radicals that treat women as chattel yet they are silent apparently mollified by their rights to slaughter unborn babies, much like the jihadists they are now aligned with.

Where the f*ck is the outcry from America’s Christian community?  Hillary has turned a blind eye towards the Islamic barbarians inhumane brutality towards Christians living in the Middle East while gladly accepting their millions!

Where the f*ck is the outrage from America’s Jewish community about sending these radical scum another $100 billion dollars of your money via the Iran deal?

WTF has happened to the America of my youth?