Which God Does Ted Cruz Worship???

ELDER PATRIOT – Fifty religious leaders in Wisconsin have endorsed Ted Cruz for president this past week.  These religious leaders are taking their cue from Pope Francis and the sharp left turn towards liberation theology on which he has steered the church.

Liberation theology (aka Marxist theology) is based on the premise that capitalism has been the cause of the problems faced by the third world thereby making it incumbent on those capitalist nations to absorb everyone seeking refuge within their boundaries. 

The church’s new direction conveniently squares with the globalist movement that has been building the economies of the third world off the backs of America’s workers.  In fact, they’ve stripped so much of our wealth that we will owe $21 trillion by the end of this year.  Mr. Cruz has been an active participant in this rip-off.

Once you understand the church’s embrace of liberation theology and Mr. Cruz’s legislative history, you’ll understand why these leaders are endorsing Mr. Cruz.

Mr. Cruz takes his marching orders from his church no matter how out of step it may be with the majority of Americans or past church teachings.  That is why when Pope Francis exhorted world leaders to open their borders to unlimited waves of immigration the Texas senator went all in on immigration and international wealth redistribution:

Senator Cruz introduced an amendment to a pending immigration bill to increase the number of low-wage foreigners by 500%.  These new workers would be competing directly with Americans.

Senator Cruz introduced another amendment to double the number of Muslim immigrants who would be coming into the United State completely un-vetted.  Mr. Cruz decided to listen to his leader’s religious dogma rather than the look at the evidence coming out of Europe.  His willingness to put American lives at stake in this instance is intolerable.  We wouldn’t accept this position from Hillary Clinton we should not accept it from a Republican.

Senator Cruz also actively championed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) with both an op-ed he co-penned with Paul Ryan for the Wall Street Journal, and by conducting a series of interviews publicly extolling TPA.  At the time Senator Jeff Sessions challenged his rhetoric in defense of TPA but Mr. Cruz dismissed his criticism as “not accurate,” because his wife told him that would please Goldman Sachs.

Now, under heavy pressure to win Wisconsin in order to extend his campaign two more weeks he has walked back his position on TPA and embraced Donald Trump’s “Fair Trade” platform that has resulted in Senator Sessions’ endorsement of Mr. Trump. 

Regardless the message remains, Ted Cruz can’t be trusted to protect Americans or American workers when his church’s agenda and Goldman Sachs’ agenda converge in conflict with their needs.

Mr. Cruz made a calculated decision to follow liberation theology instead of defending the guidance of every previous pope.  Pope Benedict XVI once called liberation theology a “singular heresy” and a “fundamental threat” to the Church.  Likewise, Pope John Paul had said, “This conception of Christ as a political figure, a revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth does not tally with the church’s catechism.”

Goldman Sachs’ only God is money.

That Mr. Cruz chose to follow the new path set forth by Pope Francis was his choice. That the path he is following is totally out of step with America’s founding principles and the needs of today’s hardworking citizens was also his choice.