While America Burns Conservative Elites Fiddle

ELDER PATRIOT – National Review Online recent hit piece on Donald Trump highlights the defeatist nature of Movement Conservatives.  They contend that they are leading a war for the soul of our country but they are unwilling to take any casualties in waging that war demanding instead that those they support present themselves more like William F. Buckley than George Patton.  That’s been a successful strategy so far, eh?

Donald Trump’s candidacy violates the aesthetics that their upbringing in oak-paneled cloakrooms where polite agreement among like-minded associates passes for political debate has destroyed any ability to fight they once had.  Maybe a few nights on the mean streets of any metropolitan city would toughen up these girly-men for the fight ahead.

The signal problem they have with Donald Trump is his bombastic nature.  Get over it.  Trump’s bombastic nature has made his voice and platform audible where the other Republican candidates have not been heard (except when they sound like Democrats) and his appeal is crossing party lines while addressing the most important issues of our time; immigration, jobs, and trade agreements that promise to accelerate lower wages, lost jobs and economic decline.


A unified Republican Party not only can win, but, is showing the potential to win big enough to come away with a mandate to restore much of America’s greatness (aka Conservatism) by gaining overwhelming victories in the House and Senate.

However, instead of supporting Trump on the issues that conservatives can win on these intellectual elites condemn Trump for not being a lifetime conservative and, in his past, having given to liberal politicians and championing Planned Parenthood.

These same Elites have the temerity to invoke the memory of Ronald Reagan to make this case against Trump.  As I recall, Ronald Reagan was once guilty of having been a liberal himself.  And, for all of his efforts in defense of life for the unborn, abortion is still at epidemic levels in America.

It’s also important to remember that for all his greatness Reagan never closed our borders and the electorate over the three decades that have passed since Reagan left Washington has been further diluted by the overwhelmingly liberal immigrant mindset.

The cacophony coming from the mainstream media including Fox News, Democrat politicians and even the Republican’s establishment candidates demands a voice that commands a huge megaphone in order to be heard by the people who actually do the hard work of paying for the leviathan our government has become.  Trump has inarguably proven to have that megaphone and the polls reflect that the people are hearing him and supporting him.


Instead of championing Trump’s overwhelming appeal to close our borders, put an end to foreign nations feeding off of our economy, and creating a business friendly tax and regulatory environment so that American businesses can again grow and create jobs, and entrepreneurship can again flourish, these intellectual elites would rather fight what may well be an unwinnable fight behind candidates who have either exposed themselves as liberals on key issues (Rubio, Christie, Kasich and Bush) or candidates who have already been given power and failed to move the public to support them (Cruz and Paul.)

Even the founder of National Review, a true intellectual giant and the major brainchild behind the modern conservative movement, William F. Buckley was more of a pragmatist than this group of his failed followers.  Buckley’s pragmatism was made clear when he famously said, I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”

It is disappointing to learn that the Elites we have looked to for guidance for convincing conservative thought and leadership are not significantly different from socialists, ordinary men chasing what never was and never will be.

The internal war raging between the Republican establishment and Movement Conservative gives evidence that the Republican Party’s internal divisions are too great to overcome or worse the division is being orchestrated by both sides in order to denude the party’s rank and file of whatever political clout they still might possess. 

There is no better argument than this for rejecting the current Republican leadership in all of it’s forms – federal and state politicians, establishment professionals, the pundit class, media elites – and demanding through our vote a group of fresh pragmatic leaders who offer a conservative platform on winnable issues that they are willing to stick to.