While Christians Were Spreading Love This Christmas the Left Was Spreading Hate

ELDER PATRIOT – While you were finishing your Christmas preparations, attending church, and enjoying the company of family and friends over Christmas dinner, the Left was busy too.  They never rest from spreading their hatred.

“Salon,” an online magazine that often sets the tone of the dialogue for the Left ran a column entitled: “White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it” written by Frank Joyce.  Joyce is a lifelong Detroit labor and political activist and writer.

From the beginning of this hate-filled and divisive essay, “The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt,” the author makes no pretense about blaming white people for racial hatred and the ills that accompany unchecked capitalism.  To him no other people can be guilty of racism and no other economic system can be corrupted.

The writer quotes New York Times columnist David Brooks as though Brooks is the final authority because the author considers him conservative: “So much of the national conversation this year has concerned how to think about past racism and oppression, and the power of that past to shape present realities: the Confederate flag, Woodrow Wilson, the unmarked sights of the lynching grounds. Fortunately, many people have found the courage to tell the ugly truths about slavery, Jim Crow and current racism that were repressed by the wider culture.”

As long as “activist” and Democrat “political operative” has invoked discussion of “the wider culture” let’s examine it.

Mr. Joyce conveniently ignores the more than two and a half million overwhelmingly white Christian soldiers who fought to end slavery during our Civil War, between 350,000 and 400,000 of whom gave their lives to the effort.

Likewise, income tax paying Americans have spent almost $18 trillion dollars since 1965 funding misguided Leftist pogroms (spelled correctly) that were passed with the single motive of creating a permanent underclass of Democrat voters.  Don’t believe me, here are the words of Democratic President Lyndon Johnson after he signed the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 that created today’s welfare system: I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”.

White Americans are not the problem, Mr. Joyce, no more than the black tribal leaders who rounded up and sold their brethren into slavery for a profit.  We have given our children’s places in college to those less qualified because someone within their family’s genealogy in the past four generations was black.  Similarly, whites have watched their jobs disappear in the same manner.

Neither, can it be dismissed that blacks in America have the highest standard of living for black people anywhere in the world.  Americans taxpayers are spending as much as $400,000 to “educate” black youths from K-12 in many school districts throughout the country.  Do not the parents of these black students have an obligation to embrace a culture that demands the best from their children in exchange?

So, please keep your self-loathing to yourself.

The problem, Mr. Joyce, is not too many white Christians it’s too few.  No race or nationality has a corner on the exploitation of others for their personal benefit.  Almost exclusively it’s been Christian whites that have sought to end the abuse of their fellow man often at the cost of their own lives.

During the time of the Civil War virtually 100 percent of the soldiers were Christians following their conscience.  It wasn’t until Lyndon Johnson committed troops to Vietnam that American hegemony was fully launched, something that conservative Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about, and that ran concurrent to the decline of Christianity in America.  Declining religiosity among the body politic is a goal wholly owned by the Leftist movement.

It’s significant to note that as the Left’s war on Christianity progressed so too did American hegemony.  Now with only 60 percent of Americans identifying as Christian (down by over 35 percent from the post-WW II era,) they are finally rallying together to reclaim the leadership of their political party by overthrowing the establishment politicians for whom you rightly hold such venom.  Thus is the nature of democracy and capitalism long recognized as messy systems of governance but the best yet devised for men yearning to be free to follow their personal dreams.  Conversely, minority support of the status quo suggests a lack of fitness for self-government.

The venom you aim towards white men who corrupt government for their own gains could just as easily be aimed towards blacks that run completely authoritative or mostly authoritative regimes in the 64 African countries and whose people exist in true poverty.  Greed and corruption is a condition that infects the human race without regard to color, gender or ethnicity, and not just white males.

The leadership of the world is far from perfect Mr. Joyce but it should be noted that political freedom has followed the white Christian male.  It’s a system they have welcomed other ethnicities to join them in but not to remake in the failed molds of their native countries.