While Obama Persecutes Sheriff Joe, TRUMP's OFFERING HIM A NEW JOB …

VIA| Trump is currently the frontrunner in the GOP race, and he has now reached an all-time high in the polls.

Trump has already started thinking about who he will be appointing to his administration.

Last week, the Trump announced that he is considering making former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin his Vice President.

Days later, rumors spread that Trump would appoint Ann Coulter to be his Homeland Security Chief.

According to Huffington Post, there have been rumors that Trump plans to appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio as his Attorney General. Earlier this summer, Arpaio praised Trump for his efforts to clean up the Mexico border.


“We had a couple of things in common. I won’t talk much about it, but the birth certificate,” Arpaio said, according to Arizona Central. “He investigated it. And I have. That’s common. We both want do something about the illegal-immigration problem.”

Sheriff Joe has been a crusader to find out the truth about Obama’s birth certificate, and to stop immigrants from coming into this country illegally.

We think that Sheriff Joe and Donald Trump would be the PERFECT team! What do you think?