VIA| We shared with you recently our assessment on the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman stating that he will be holding hearings on the issue of concussions in the NFL. Of course the movie starring Will Smith titled “Concussion” came out Christmas Day. I challenged Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich) not to delve into matters which aren’t within the purview of the federal government. Instead, the Congress should be focusing on traumatic brain injury (TBI) for our men and women serving in combat. But not just that, we still have a despicable issue that hasn’t been resolved, and for which no one has been held accountable.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “After a spate of cases involving the Department of Veterans Affairs wrongly declaring living veterans dead and suspending their benefits, the VA said it is working on a policy that eliminates the likelihood that human error will cause similar disruptions in the future. In a letter to Rep. David Jolly, who brought several of the cases to light last month, the VA admitted it had accidentally revoked and then reinstated the benefits of 115 veterans who were not actually dead between July 2014 and April 2015.

“This is a problem that has gone on far too long and I applaud the VA for taking steps to prevent these types of mistakes from happening in the future,” Jolly said Tuesday. “As we have seen, wrongly declaring a veteran dead can create financial hardships and it is extremely disconcerting.”

The letter came after Jolly pressured the VA to review the process by which agency officials revoked the benefits of veterans who had died. At least a half-dozen veterans in the area near Jolly’s southwest Florida district saw their VA benefits disappear after they were wrongly declared dead by the agency, the Washington Examiner reported in November.

The VA said it could not yet identify the individual reasons why all 115 veterans had had their benefits wrongfully suspended, but vowed to compile that data as soon as possible.”

I recall the press conference held by President Obama where he displayed his faux indignation and promised to get to the bottom of the VA scandal – IF there had been wrongdoing. So Mr. President, how much proof of “wrongdoing” do you require? And then we have wannabe president, Hillary Clinton, who claimed the VA scandal isn’t as bad as reported and is mostly a GOP-driven political narrative. Well, tell that to the veterans who have lost their lives, or in this case been deemed deceased and had their benefits ended.

There is a wholly systemic problem with the Veterans Administration about which no one in the current presidential administration believes to be an issue. And consider the “priorities” for President Obama in his final year, as the White House has released — close GITMO, common sense gun reforms [i.e. gun control], improve race relations [he created the problem], criminal justice reforms, and visit Cuba — nowhere is there any listing of the VA reform. The Iranian nuclear deal, Obamacare, climate change — hardly accomplishments unless you subscribe to the “fundamental transformation” of America. Why has Obama abandoned our veterans, just as he did those in Benghazi?

It appears the unions which run the VA — and indeed the Democrat Party — have won out again. Veterans are the losers. While we’re running around pondering what Donald Trump said about Hillary Clinton — or anyone else for that matter– we continue to have these stories about incompetence in our VA healthcare system.

These are real lives, real people who’ve been willing to make the last full measure of devotion to secure our liberty and freedom in this Constitutional Republic. And sadly, this is just a bypassed story.

My dad was a nursing assistant at the VA hospital in Atlanta located next to Emory University. It was there that I last saw Herman West Sr. Taking care of our veterans is a top priority — something we’ve hardly heard about during this presidential primary season.

The Obama administration expresses more care and concern for illegal immigrants and displaces persons from the combat zones of the Middle East. Perhaps those are their desired new electoral patrons. Horribly so, those who enable us to have an America are forgotten, not figured into the political calculus.

And as long as the veteran support organizations like the VFW and American Legion keep inviting President Obama back to give patronizing and dismissive boiler plate speeches, he will continue to show our veterans the back of his hand. When will veterans stand up and reject being disregarded and disrespected?

This may not be a “sexy” story….but do you want your loved one who was willing to serve and sacrifice for this nation treated in this manner?