VIA| As you probably know by now, Obama’s gun control executive order is currently the talk of the town, and rightfully so, as once again a lawless president is seeking to destroy the rights of American citizens.

After being asked a question by a reporter, Obama’s most favorite minion, Josh Earnest, delivered a statistic, but left out a rather key piece of information.

Not to fear. Journalist Emily Miller took to Twitter to set the record straight.

From BizPacReview:

President Obama‘s press secretary cited “30,000 gun deaths in America” as the reason his boss should end-run Congress to implement new gun controls–but he omitted a key fact.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest answered a reporter’s question if there was any opposition to the president’s plan to take executive action to close a so-called “gun show loophole” while making private gun sales more difficult for citizens. Looking down at his talking points, he started reeling off statistics about gun deaths, police shot, and other violent crimes committed with guns.

But he missed the part where 20,000 of those gun deaths were by suicide, according to Washington D.C. reporter Emily Miller of FOX5 News and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun.”

Facts are very inconvenient things, aren’t they?

I mean, when you actually do research and see the full, legit statistics, it paints a very different picture than the one the Obama administration is slopping down on the canvas.

Guns aren’t the problem, people are. Evil is the natural, fallen state of humanity. Sin is what’s wrong with folks, not guns. More laws restricting the Second Amendment are just a band aid on a sliced artery because they do not address the real problem: sin.

There’s only one solution: Jesus Christ. But it seems Christianity is the only thing the left hates more than guns.

It should seem obvious to those who possess basic critical thinking skills that the president is just using all of this to yet again move the progressive agenda forward.

Unfortunately, there are many folks who will actually fall for this junk, thanks in large part to being duped by liberal indoctrination.