VIA| Last week, the race-baiting media had a field day crucifying a South Carolina deputy for the manner in which he handled a disruptive student after placing her under arrest, which ultimately led to his termination. Now, a video has emerged that is of similar situation, BUT a change in the liberal sought out narrative that is keeping it from being blasted on mainstream media… WHY? You’ll see…

Well, yet another video has surfaced from Spring Valley High School, where the incident occurred, and it’s definitely one the media doesn’t want anybody to see.

As we’re all aware, Deputy Ben Fields was almost immediately terminated from his position with the Richland County Sheriffs after the media backlash from video of the incident. Cries of racism were only overshadowed by those of police brutality, even though the girl played a huge role in the events that transpired.

Ever since, Deputy Fields has been crucified in the court of public opinion, but a video from last year at the same school, involving a black resource officer, was never even mentioned. In fact, the officer seen in the troubling footage was able to keep his job, and the reason is glaringly obvious – the incident didn’t fit the media’s racial narrative.


The video appears to show a brutal fist fight between the officer and a student, both of whom were black. At first, the officer is trying to restrain the student, but he lets the juvenile go after he begs to be freed so they can fight.

The officer gets in the student’s face and repeatedly tells him to “Do it! Do it!” before the two men take wild swings at one another. Meanwhile, students in the class look on in shock and disbelief at what they’re seeing. Unlike the current video making waves, onlookers in this one scream and holler at the sight of the officer’s behavior, seemingly much more upset than the witnesses of Deputy Field’s incident.

However, this story never made it on national news, it was never the focus of numerous op-eds, and it didn’t even make headlines in local papers. Is there any question as to why? I don’t believe there is, considering it shows a black student acting out, and a black officer taking care of business. If the officer had been white, we all know what would have been the outcome.

I think the video, which was taken in October of last year, sheds quite a bit of light into the learning environment at Spring Valley High, don’t you? If this type of thing is a regular occurrence, Fields would have been overly cautious in handling the student.

But alas, because he’s white and the student was black, he was given the typical treatment by the liberal media – discredited as a racist, then calls for his termination were repeated until it happened. I’ll tell you one thing, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a white police officer these days, especially knowing that if dealing with a black suspect, I may have my entire life destroyed for simply doing my job.

We all know not to expect any sign of integrity from the Liberal media…so of course this video will not be one blasted all over their news outlets….however there is one truth that remains, clear in both situations. This ENTITLED generation of disrespectful children are a direct result of what a lack of parenting can create. Instead of focusing on the true issue, it is just like those loony LIBS to make it all about RACE. Honestly, their constant whining..is at times more difficult to bare than their ridiculous lies, that only make us embarrassed for them.

On a good note, this sure provides a reason to really appreciate and be proud of the youth in America that are making a difference for good, and setting the example of what good parenting can produce. Children of integrity, honor, and respect.