'White People' MTV’s Continuing Drive to Undermine American Exceptionalism

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” –Abraham Lincoln

ELDER PATRIOT – Ever since Sumner Redstone launched MTV in August of 1981 the channel has relentlessly pursued undermining fundamental American values in the youth of our country.  Appealing to the most basal instincts of our nation’s young people, MTV has been a modern force separating children from their parents’ values.

Now, MTV has announced a new program contrived with the goal of shaming white youth into crying in apology for the “white privilege” they’ve enjoyed.  Apparently, being content dividing young from old isn’t enough for the historically inaccurate secularists who make the programming decisions at MTV.

The new show, hosted by an illegal alien and political activist, will now try to separate young white adults from reality.  What good can come from this form of public humiliation?  Vargas should be deported for breaking immigration law, or arrested for fomenting civil unrest as his activities for La Raza encouraging the invasion across our southern border.  Instead, MTV rewards him with a show aimed at further polluting the minds of our youth.

IF MTV’s mission was anything more than advancing the agenda of the Secular-Left it might introduce these shows as well:

1. “Black People,” that would highlight the inability of blacks to govern themselves effectively virtually anywhere in the world.  The show could delve into such other issues as to why black on white crime is so prevalent and why black people feel the need to loot and burn those businesses that have invested in their communities.

Further discussions could include the overwhelming educational failure rate of inner city schools despite funding that can be up to 50% higher than in suburban communities, and why blacks access welfare at such a disproportionately high rate despite being the beneficiaries of affirmative action programs.  The show could put the spotlight on young black people crying in apology for bankrupting the U.S. economic system because of the lack of return they’ve given to the American taxpayer, and the cultural damage that Rap and Hip Hop has wrought.

2.  “Hispanic People,” that would highlight the incredible strain their illegal entry into our country has put on our social welfare system including the closing of hospital emergency room facilities that many illegal immigrants access for their primary care.  This show could feature Hispanic teenagers, who are here illegally, crying when being confronted with the stories of those who have died having been forced to travel to more distant emergency rooms.  It would be enlightening to see the reactions of Hispanic young people who are tied to illegal entry into our country when confronted by the families that have been devastated by the criminal activities of MS-13 gangs.

3.  “Muslim People,” that can feature young Islamists attempting to explain to the families of victims of terrorism why they remain silent in their religious communities rather than openly condemning terrorism in all of its forms.

As the Secular-Left continues it’s relentless drive towards the destruction of America’s institutions and her culture in the interest of the World Marxist Movement, it is more important than ever to understand that even with all of her baggage America, under predominantly white leadership, has been the greatest force for good the world has ever known.  The disappointing living conditions that so many in the world still endure is not because of our lack of desire to help them, but more because of their lack of desire to embrace our Capitalist way of life.

Shame on MTV for trying to humiliate empty-headed, young white people in this manner and passing it off as a documentary.