Who The F*ck Owns This Country Anyway???

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s become clear that 537 brazen motherf*ckers, aka the President, the Veep, 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen, who run things in Washington don’t think we much matter.  They’ve flipped us the bird too many times for doubt to exist any longer.  They don’t even respect our opinions.  I’m tired of paying these arrogant a-holes to undermine my interests and then calling me a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal for mouthing my disapproval while they throw our money around like drunken sailors in a bar full of whores.

Now comes a report that the fastest growing group of immigrants to the U.S. are Muslim.  Not Christians fleeing Muslim nations seeking asylum.  That might make too much sense.  In fact, a report in today’s news says Obama is deporting 13 Christian families seeking asylum in our country.  WTF?

Instead, the scumbags in Washington are sending our kids into harms way to fight the very people they’re welcoming into our communities and doing it with our tax dollars!  I’m not feeling real welcoming to people whose religion instructs them to either convert me or kill me.

Where I come from if I pay the check I expect the people sitting at my dinner table to be of my choosing not of someone else’s.  And, certainly not people who believe in a culture that is so severely at odds with my own that it threatens my very existence.

Let’s get this straight, the American taxpayer owns this country.  Not any immigrants, not those who have decided to spend a lifetime on the public dole, and certainly not those 537 overfed arrogant SOB’s who think they’re bigger than God.

Washington’s Elite have ignored our pleas for controlling our borders for 30 years and now they seek to put the final nail in our uniquely American culture by making it unrecognizable.  It’s time to man up and take this country back.

In November of next year I say we have a little immigration send-off party of our own.  Let’s send these arrogant a-holes a packin’ from Washington.  And, wherever they call home, when they return there they should be treated like the low-rent vermin that they are.