VIA| When protesters shut down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district Friday to bring attention to the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, predictably, race-baiters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were in on the action. Never let a good black death go to waste — just so long as it fits the narrative of white-on-black or cop-on-black brutality.

While the media focused on this narrative, Breitbart News spoke with other black activists out protesting who offered a very different perspective — one that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Democrat leaders certainly hope does not catch fire.

Chicago black activist and mother Zerlina Smith, speaking with Breitbart News dropped a veritable truth bomb about the impact of Democrat policies on blacks. And you can be sure you WON’T hear about it on MSNBC, CNN, ABC or the like.

As Breitbart reports:

“When I walk outside my door, there’s nothing a Democrat has done—African American or white or Hispanic—has done for me and my community.”

That’s the sentiment of one Chicago black activist and mother, speaking exclusively to Breitbart News outside Chicago’s City Hall on Saturday.

The occasion was a small memorial for Laquan McDonald, who was killed by a Chicago police officer 13 months ago, as well as for Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old whose death made national headlines. Including this article at Breitbart News.

Democrat-run Chicago was become infamous for its inner-city murder rate, where black-on-black crime takes the lives of black youth week in and week out. The website DNAInfo lists the Chicago murder toll for 2015 at a grim 427 lives lost.

Breitbart News spoke to several memorial attendees, including Tio Hardiman, a Chicago anti-violence activist who said he was concerned about both excessive use of force by the police and black on black crime. Hardiman also made it clear he is not anti-police.

Then, Breitbart News spoke to Zerlina Smith, a grassroots activist who had run for Alderman and was endorsed by the International Socialist Organization-Chicago. Our interview with Smith was briefly blocked by a man who asked, “You ain’t gonna spin what she’s saying?” After being assured we would run her interview in full, we continued.

Although she’s on a political left, Smith feels betrayed by the Democrats who run the city, telling Breitbart News, “For the first time since I’ve been able to vote—I’m 38 years old—I chose not to vote because I felt there was not a candidate on the ballot who I thought was truly going to represent the people.”

Smith’s comments show the disconnect that some black voters see between the rhetoric of the Democrats and their results. When establishment Republicans fail to even show up and try to make the case that smaller government, less dependency, and traditional values would be the best solution to the problems of the inner city black community, many grassroots black political activists head further to the left to find solutions.

Many protestors at Black Friday’s Michigan Avenue shutdown were angry at Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Smith, who was part of the protest, is no exception, telling Breitbart News, “Our mayor has lied one too many times to the people of Chicago and it’s time for him to step down” and criticizing the Democrat Emanuel saying, “If he wants to really be a leader, he need to take control and start cleaning up his mess internally and shoveling his shit out.”

Smith agreed with the assessment that there is a rift between traditional black activists and high-profile Democrat establishment Black Friday protest participants like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Congressman, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) and the grassroots black community.

“Don’t come out and use the death of our children,” Smith said of the Democrats in Chicago, a city storied for its corruption. “You have elected officials who have the power to bring about change in our community. They’re on the take.”

Smith finished with a blunt take on the Democrats. “Our elected officials are puppets, and they do what they’re told told because they have a dollar amount and an X on their back by the Mayor, by the Governor, by whomever that they can be bought by.”

Indeed, the negative impact of Democrat policies on the black community is one we’ve written frequently about here. When one considers the negative impact of Democrat policies on blacks, it’s astonishing that blacks continue to vote so consistently Democrat. The Democrat party, as Col. West has written is historically the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, and literacy tests. It was President Lyndon B. Johnson, who on Air Force One before other governors, used a racist epithet to describe how his policies would have blacks voting Democrat for 200 years. We are fifty years into the seemingly intended consequences of those policies. Policies that have advanced a new type of slavery; not the physical but rather the metaphysical – economic enslavement of our urban centers, mostly populated by the black community.

Consider the crisis of good quality education in the inner cities. Once upon a time the Democratic Party stood outside the doors of institutions of higher education denying access to blacks. Today’s Democratic Party embraces policies that trap young blacks inside the doors of failing public schools denying them access to better quality institutions of learning. It was the first black President who decided in April 2009 to cancel the DC school voucher program – his kids attend the prestigious Sidwell Friends. It was the first black Attorney General who brought a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana and their school voucher program.

It is the Democrats who are denying blacks access to better quality schools and educational opportunities.

What about the crisis of the decimated black family? Fifty years ago at the time of Johnson’s signing into law the policies of his “Great Society,” the two parent black household was at nearly 77%; today it is at 25%. That is a crisis, despite programs aimed at attempting to “fix” it.

And, of course, in the past year, we’ve seen media circus attention drawn to the deaths of Michael Brown, Freddy Gray and Laquan McDonald, but relative crickets on the rampant black-on-black murders in Chicago alone, not to mention the likes of Baltimore and other major urban areas.

It is heartening to see someone like Zerlina Smith stand up and acknowledge the truth that Democrats — and shameless, self-interested race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton — actually have done little to help the blacks they continue to use as political pawns. As Smith suggests, it’s time these so-called leaders stop coming out just when the cameras are rolling, to use the death of children as political stunts — or as a means to solicit votes. It’s time people wake up and take a look at policies that can actually reverse the tide 50+ years of Democrat policies have had on the black community.

As Breitbart suggests:

The anger and frustration of many black residents of Chicago is real. The solutions will not be coming from the Democrat party, and until Republicans become successful at educating urban voters on the benefits of freedom and less government interference, the problems will continue.