WHOA!! You'll Want To Hear What This ISRAELI Minister Just CALLED OBAMA …

VIA| A senior Israeli government minister said he doesn’t know if the Obama Administration is idiotic or just amateurish as it tries to relate to the terrorist violence engulfing the Holy Land.

Naturally, Secretary of State John Kerry and his office are fielding a lot of questions regarding the violence in Israel. But their answers have left a lot to be desired, as far as Israel is concerned.

For example, State Department spokesman John Kirby on Wednesday backtracked on Kerry’s earlier suggestion that Jewish “settlement” activity was to blame for the wave of stabbings in Jerusalem, but then went on to all but accuse Israel of exercising “excessive force” against the terrorists.

The Obama Administration had “seen some reports of security activity that could indicate the potential excessive use of force” by Israelis, Kirby told reporters.

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan was incensed considering the only Palestinians to have been wounded and killed over the past couple weeks were those actively engaged in the murder and maiming of Israeli Jews.

“I don’t know whether to call them naive in the US State Department and in the American government,” an angry Erdan told Army Radio, “[but] instead of putting out idiotic declarations that pretend to address two equally guilty sides, they [should] focus pressure on the murderous, inciting Palestinian Authority, which because of its incitement young people go out and commit murderous acts.”

Erdan said he wasn’t surprised considering that “the State Department is traditionally hostile toward Israel,” but viewed it as hypocritical for the Obama Administration to make such charges against Israel when US forces had recently unintentionally killed civilians in Afghanistan.

“The State of Israel understands the complexity of the struggle against terror,” Erdan noted. “To allow themselves to be taken in by lies that…is very strange, amateurish or worse, especially when there is footage from all of these events.”

In a separate interview with Army Radio, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon suggested that it wasn’t only the Obama Administration’s understanding of the conflict that was deficient, but it’s grasp on reality, as well.

“If someone raises a knife [to stab] and is shot, that’s excessive force? What are we talking about?” wondered a perplexed Ya’alon.

At any rate, Ya’alon insisted that Obama’s screwy policies “aren’t going to frighten us.”

By midday Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office had issued an emergency order that government ministers were to refrain from further statements to the media regarding the Obama Administration, so as to avoid further damaging relations with Washington.