Why Are The Republicans Still in Washington

ELDER PATRIOT – A review of the recent goings on in Washington makes one question the intelligence of the American people.  They spent $1.75B backing Republican candidates based on campaign promises that the party’s members never intended to honor.  A review of the incumbent Republican’s

Since gaining control of Congress the Republicans have been obedient lapdogs for President Obama and the Democrats funding every aspect of his agenda.  This required the raising of the debt limit on multiple occasions but it still didn’t deter the Republicans from reneging on their campaign promises.

Scared that they might be called upon to display a backbone, the Republicans abdicated their Constitutional obligation for advise and consent over the trade treaties with low wage countries in Asia that are now Obama’s to negotiate as he sees fit.

But wait, these squirrely girly-men posing as Republicans are now plotting to present Obama with even more imperial powers by extending his authority over what passes for education in our public schools.

When George W. Bush was elected he tapped John Boehner, then the Chairman of the House Education Committee to draft No Child Left Behind (NCLB.)  Like a frat boy rummaging through the house’s archive for someone else’s term paper to hand in, Boehner used every innovative resource he possessed (none) and wound up simply rebranding the bill he was charged with replacing.

Surprise!  Like the bill it replaced, NCLB was a complete failure.  Fifty years and trillions of dollars wasted.  Why should this be surprising after all John Boehner was involved.

Now the Republicans have washed their hands of their constitutional obligations and simply told Obama to write the indoctrination programs for our children to fit his Marxist view.  This will include common core.

We should have expected this when John Boehner cried like a wussy at his swearing in.  There’s no crying in politics.  It’s a blood sport that this assemblage of Washington Republicans just doesn’t have the stomach for.  It would be better for them to simply go home than stay in Washington and embarrass themselves any further.

What’s that you say, “but then we’d have a one party system?”  Who would notice?