ROMNEY WORDWORTH – I’m really fed up with the constant online arguments I have had to have with (presumably) pimply faced Gen Y (Y, as in:  Why don’t you get a job and stop expecting strangers to pay your way through life?  Or:  Why don’t you realize that most of what you think you know is wrong?) Slackers and Internet Trolls who seem to solely exist in order to regurgitate their Leftist views based on false ideologies that they have been marinated in all their sorry lives.  The inordinate damage done by the Marxist professoriate of American Universities needs to be undone, and this country must reverse course or it will be destroyed by the poisonous doctrines of the Left.

One of the worst symptoms of that damage is when the Intolerant, Authoritarian Left calls anybody opposed to their Utopian ideas, Hitler.  The opposite of a collectivist dictator (Stalin) is not another collectivist dictator (Hitler).


Here is the actual political spectrum, from Left to Right:


The truth is that Communism, Nazism, and Fascism are all ugly fruit of the same poisonous tree of Utopianism, and they are all Leftist ideologies without much difference between them.

Mussolini was a man of the Left.  Hitler was a man of the Left.  They were both collectivist dictators.  They were not on the Right, because they were against Liberty and Libertarianism.  They were against the Rule of Law; their whole appeal was a state apparatus based on the Rule of a Strongman who would “get things done”.  Both rejected the idea of democracy as “weak” and “inefficient”.

Nazis were NOT an extreme far right ideology.  It was just another Leftist, collectivist, authoritarian ideology, as little different from Communism in their leftist totalitarianism than Presbyterians are from Lutherans in their Christianity.

The word “Fascism” comes from the Latin word “fasces”, which means bundle.  This was the collectivist symbol used by Mussolini:


The fasces was used by the Fascists to celebrate the supposed strength of collectivism.


Conservatism as an ideology is a relative term, and dependent on political context.  A Conservative in the UK would be very far to the left on the above diagram.  A Conservative (a real one, so John McCain, you can just sit back down) in the United States would be someone yearning for the constitutional Republic near the middle of the above diagram.  They would not be one step rightward removed from being a Monarchist or a Nazi.


If you are an authoritarian, you aren’t right wing.  Tyranny is an exclusive product of Leftist ideology.  These are fake political definitions invented by Leftists, starting all the way back in the French Revolution.  Look to the American Revolution to get it correct:  George III was an authoritarian, because he was a quasi-absolute dictator, with few restrictions on his power besides the Magna Carta and the Rights of Englishmen.  He was to the Left on the political spectrum from the Founding Fathers, who, while morally conservative and devout Christians, refused to set up yet another monarchy, and instead set up a Constitutional Republic based on the consent of the governed and the Rule of Law.  Today, the Founders would be considered strongly Libertarian, and therefore, yes, were “right wing”.  They were to the right of the British Monarchy, and are to the far right of the communists today.

The opposite end of the political spectrum from Stalin, Mao, and Hitler is this guy:


Donald Trump does not aspire to be a totalitarian tyrant of the likes of Stalin and Hitler, JUST BECAUSE he doesn’t want to import Syrian Jihadists into the United States, or control the amount of immigration into the U.S. from Central and South America.  That just means he’s a Patriot that isn’t trying to destroy our country like the Cloward & Piven crowd on the Left.

patriot trump

Wanting to defend America’s borders, culture, and language doesn’t make you Hitler, it makes you a Patriot.  Making Mexico pay for the wall doesn’t make you mean, it makes you smart.  They are causing the problem, so they should pay for the fix.


It was the sneaky, vile communists who have been telling the Big Lie, that if you go far enough to the right, you just circle back to totalitarian tyranny.  But the political spectrum, like any spectrum, is a two dimensional line, not a circle that turns back on itself like a Mobius strip.


The Left always accuses its opponents of what they themselves are planning.  Reject the lies, and reject their false paradigms.  It is the Left that has planned since the days of the SDS in the 1960’s to transform America into a communist totalitarianism.  It is they who have long planned to set up concentration camps in this country and liquidate their political enemies.  It is they who are the racists who count skin color over everything else.  It is they who field armies of street thugs to create violence and mayhem.  It is they who are using Political Correctness to destroy Free Speech.  This election is about whether they will be denied this goal, or whether we let them succeed in plunging the world into another thousand years of darkness.